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Kenect is the nationwide live, work, sweat, and socialize space where bold, independent people gather in the heart of the city. With modern buildings and designs that inspire and recharge, Kenect is vibrant and full of life. Find the perfect apartment, or join as a member and enjoy access to Kenect coworking spaces, luxury amenities, and social events. Whether you’re on the move, meeting up, mastering your craft, or soaking in the sights, Kenect makes more possible.

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Kenect provides options for crafting your perfect, Kenected life. New to town and want an easy way to meet people? Ask about our coliving apartments. On the road a lot? You’ll love our fully furnished apartments and short-term lease options. Plus you get full access to membership at all Kenect properties. Have a place to live, but need a creative space for your budding business? Our coworking environments are ideal for start-ups, and memberships are available to non-residents as well.

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Maximize every day at Kenect. Jumpstart your morning with a latte from our complimentary coffee bar, or extend your morning spin session knowing you are mere steps from your shower and your workspace. While others are commuting home, you can be relaxing poolside or enjoying a happy hour event. It’s all available 24/7, because every hour of your time matters.

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